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Great Escape to Bear’s Imaginarium*

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Each evening around 7:30, the Bear Boy and I travel far afield and back in time to ancient Greece where we lash ourselves to the mast with Odysseus, to Europe in the middle ages where we prepare to lay siege … Continue reading

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Waiting for Spring & Sharing the Blog Love*

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It’s April 11th and we winter weary Minnesotans are bearing up under another snow storm.  Big, fat, juicy flakes of snow are obscuring visibility and making drivers a bit tetchy.  In December, January or even February, I would have said … Continue reading

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Saturday Before Easter – Weekly Photo Challenge

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Our days* are fairly routine: meals, school or work, errands and chores, some play, some writing (if I’m lucky), more errands and chores, bathes, some chatting, snuggles.  Rinse and repeat.  Of course, the weekends vary some.  The day before Easter … Continue reading

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It’s a Mad Mad Mad Mad World

Oh hell’s bells it’s been a long week.  We’re on the sickie merry-go-round again here at our humble abode.  Then there was Ash Wednesday mass, which I attended at my son’s school and during which I silently pledged to give … Continue reading

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No Beginning and No End

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I have heard it said that the unbroken circle of a wedding ring is symbolic of a love without beginning and without end.  Dear Hubby – who is a gem, albeit a quirky, diamond-in-the-rough sort of gem – will, if … Continue reading

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