Waiting for Spring & Sharing the Blog Love*

It’s April 11th and we winter weary Minnesotans are bearing up under another snow storm.  Big, fat, juicy flakes of snow are obscuring visibility and making drivers a bit tetchy.  In December, January or even February, I would have said that it was beautiful, everything coated in lovely, soft snow.  Today, not so much.  My tulip bulbs, just the tenderest of green shoots sprouting up through the soil, were making their first tentative appearances just two days ago.  This snow feels like a heavy weight.  When I dropped Goosie at school today, I greeted another parent whose shoulders hunched forward and  whole body drooped under the burden of the weather.  Originally, she is from the Portland, Oregon area and she pointed out that the daffodils would already be blooming there.

These daffodils are for Erin.  Spring will come soon.  Photo from wikimedia commons

Erin, these daffodils are for you. Spring will come soon. Image from Wikimedia Commons.

So, I’m looking for inspiration today, something to take me away from the April snow, if only for a short while.  Generally, I find inspiration from all sorts of odd little nooks and crannies – one small oil painting in a corner of a gallery tucked far from the main exhibits; a song, like “Stubborn Love” by the luminous Lumineers, who sing, “Keep your heeeeead up, my love;” a note from Bear Boy whose inventive phonetic spelling makes me grin; or a story, something epic or something with heart, like the story in the Smithsonian Magazine about a family of Russian Orthodox Christians who, fleeing the Bolsheviks in 1936, hid deep in the Siberian taiga and had no other human contact until a group of scientists discovered the family in a heretofore uninhabited region nearly forty years later.  Truth be told, I find stories endlessly fascinating.  Good stories are like little, polished golden nuggets – the brilliance of their shine bursting with love or tenderness or grief or truth.  A good story can do all that.

C.S. Lewis once wrote, “Miracles are a retelling in small letters of the very same story which is written across the whole world in letters too large for some of us to see.”  So, by way of inspiration for similarly winter weary souls and as a means of doffing my hat to those who tell good stories, here are three recent posts from fellow bloggers I admire.  Their stories speak some truth to me about my human condition.  I think you might enjoy them too.

1. This first one speaks about truth and happiness.  “Have You Seen This Cow” from Mom At Work by Anna Spanos

2. This next one is by writer Andrea Badgley of Butterfly Mind.  In this post she writes about slowing down and letting go enough in the kitchen to let her children be a part of the process.  “Learning to Let Go in the Kitchen”  To be honest, I think most of her writing is fantastic, because she writes with heart and purpose and hope.  Often what she is writing about on any given week mirrors where my heart or mind are at too.

3. This last one, “Miserable Little Pricks” is from Chase McFadden of Some Species Eat Their Young.   I enjoy the way he tells a story with such humor and sarcasm in such a manner that the love for his family still shines through.

*Daily Prompt: Press It

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10 Responses to Waiting for Spring & Sharing the Blog Love*

  1. Your description of “another parent whose shoulders hunched forward and whole body drooped under the burden of the weather” was a perfect Minnesota picture. I was back there with you, wondering when will winter ever end? Thank you so much for linking to me. I am honored by what you said about mirroring what you’re going through, and that my writing contains hope. I often feel like I’m writing nothing little nothings. Boring mundane stuff that nobody would care about. But I guess the boring mundane stuff is mostly what life is, so everyone can relate, right? I can’t wait to check out the other bloggers you’ve linked to here. Thank you again for your kindness.

  2. Elaine Balk says:

    I am getting through the day by dreaming about sitting out on a patio chair lounging in the warmth and sun with a cool drink. Everyone can dream maybe my dream will come true in June.

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  5. Anna Spanos says:

    Thank you so much for including my blog in this wonderful list of suggested sites – I love discovering other blogs through those I already know and enjoy.
    In Los Angeles people like to say that we don’t have seasons, but this isn’t true. The change in climate can be subtle, but our moods do shift, and many days this winter it felt like we were buried under ten feet of snow. Spring has been poking it’s head around here lately, though, and the thaw is lovely – already I can see everyone around me starting to perk up. I hope it comes your way soon!

    • You are welcome. Yes, spring will come soon. The snow came and melted, though we are expecting more again tonight…but, my tulips are will bloom soon. So that’s something. 😀

  6. mary says:

    i am right there with Elaine. Even took my patio chairs out of storage just waiting for the sun shine. Also love the picture of the daffodils.

    • The daffodils bring hope, don’t they? Most of my tulips have survived the bizarre weather and are sprouting now. the kidlets and I check them everyday. I’ll be sure to post a photo when they bloom.

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