Saturday Before Easter – Weekly Photo Challenge

Our days* are fairly routine: meals, school or work, errands and chores, some play, some writing (if I’m lucky), more errands and chores, bathes, some chatting, snuggles.  Rinse and repeat.  Of course, the weekends vary some.  The day before Easter was pretty typical family day with a little egg dying tossed into the mix.

1. I was woken by two crashes of thunder at 5:12 a.m.  Sleepily, I thought to myself, “The first thunderstorm of Spring.  Ah, may the rain wash away winter.”  It turns out that it didn’t rain much, but the snow is melting, slowly but surely.

2. and 3. We had pancakes, bacon (for Bear Boy) and sausage (for Goosie).  Yummy breakfast.  Lots of dirty dishes.  Then I had a quiet cup of coffee with Doonesbury.

4. Laundry is one of many Sisyphean chores in a day.  I do laundry every day.  Every day.  Mind you, I don’t always get it folded every day.  Dishes are another of the daily chores.  And sweeping up crumbs and scraps and other debris of mysterious origins.  As a matter of fact, I recently dreamt about sweeping the floors over and over and over and over and over again.  It wasn’t the most exciting dream, clearly.

5. and 6. Play happens every day at our home too. So does squabbling.  Bear posted a sign outside his bedroom.  Be warned Goose! “No.sisdrs.a.lowed.”  But when they put their heads together and play nicely, magic happens.  Dress up is by far the best loved activity in our home.  Our costume trunk more than runneth over…it explodeth on any given day.   I love this trunk.  It’s actually a wooden box that Dear Hubby’s father originally built for tools.  It was sitting in our basement collecting dust until Dear Hubby and I decided to repurpose it.  It holds capes, tunics, tabards, armor, dresses, wings, hats galore, and so much more.  I think it’s a great way to honor this lovely piece of furniture.

7. and 8. We also like art projects, the messier the better.  Today it was egg art, commonly known and dying eggs.  In their exuberance, the kidlets cracked a few…hard-boiled, so no harm done.  They seemed to enjoy it more this year than in years past.  Maybe next year we’ll dye 2 dozen.

9. Typical of the our electronic age, I do spend fair amount of time each day on the computer.  Blogging is part of it: writing my blog, keeping a FB page for the blog, reading what other bloggers are writing (there is a lot of really amazing stuff out there).  But there’s also business letters for Dear Hubby, minutes for the advisory board at Goosie’s school, sundry other writing projects, and generally keeping in touch with family and friends.  Both Dear Hubby and I try really hard not to let technology interrupt our time with the kidlets, but I don’t know how successful we are.

10. Dinner simplified.  Another of those daily chores is making meals.  I really love cooking, but I seem to be going through an extended slump in the kitchen, as I just don’t have the motivation to plan anything new and wonderful.  This night we opted for take-out.

11. and 12. Dear Hubby and I employ the divide and conquer strategy when it comes to bedtime.  Generally, he reads with Goose and I read to Bear.  Bear prefers history and mythology.  There is this great You Wouldn’t Want To… series of books.  There are a ton of titles in the series.  A ton.  We highly recommend them.  This particular one was You Wouldn’t Want To Explore With Sir Francis Drake.  After reading, we snuggle.  I love a sleeping baby, even if he’s not such a baby anymore.

13. Back to the chores.  I’d like to say it’s nice to have all that laundry folded, but this scene is typically short lived.

14. and 15. After the kidlets are sound asleep, Dear Hubby hops to work, hiding the Easter booty.  While the kidlets baskets are probably more elaborate than we had as children, we try to keep it simple: a chocolate bunny, a few eggs, and some other treat.  This year the Easter Bunny brought the kidlets new puddle stompers (rain boots to the rest of you).

16. After our progeny are down for the night, Dear Hubby and I often hunker down on the couch and watch a show together – and have a glass of wine (or two) – to end the day.

17. One this particular night I went to bed early.  It was 9:30…really it was.  I lose track of time when I’m reading a good book.  Good night.

*Weekly Photo Challenge: A Day in My Life

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6 Responses to Saturday Before Easter – Weekly Photo Challenge

  1. mithriluna says:

    “No.sisdrs.a.lowed” Cute!

  2. The joys and blessings of having a wonderful family shines beautifully in every picture. Happy Easter!

  3. This brings back many happy memories, and makes me smile. My baby is in her freshman year at university.

    • Hi Naomi,

      I’m glad some of what we do brought you happy memories. If I remember correctly from previous readings of your blog, your family loves a good costume trunk as much as we do.

      Thanks for reading. 🙂

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